Creator Tools: How to invite customers for free on Superset

How to invite customers for free on Superset

Note: The invite customers feature is only possible on desktop computers.
Inviting customers via email is a "concierge-style" way of giving complimentary/free access to your products on Superset. You might find this feature useful if you:
Accept payments elsewhere and want to invite a list of customers to your program directly.
Provide a 100% discount to VIP people in your network (without requiring a card to sign up).
Want to get early feedback from friends/family/colleagues.

You can invite people for free by visiting the invite customers page and following the video/steps below.

How to invite customers for free

Open up Superset's creator dashboard.
Scroll down and click into 'Payments & Customers'.
Click the 'Customers' tab.
Click the 'Invites' tab.
In the top right, click the button that says 'Invite customers' and a modal should open up.
Inside the modal on the left side, select one or more products to invite customers.
Add email addresses on the right side. You can also copy/paste a list of emails.
Below the email address input, check the box agreeing to sending access for free.
Click the blue 'Invite emails' button when finished.

The email addresses you inputted will receive an email and link to access your program. You can repeat this process as much as you'd like to provide free access to your programs.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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