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How to add a sample client

To add a sample client, follow the steps below:

In your clients dashboard, click “+ Add client” to the right-hand side.

Type your coach email, and add “+sample” before the @ symbol. For example: This creates an alternate email but directs all messages to your normal inbox.

After you’ve added your alternate email address and client details, copy the client invite link and paste it on a different device, browser, or incognito window.

In a different device, browser, or incognito window, you can now redeem the invite with your test email( to preview the client invite experience. Note: If you added a payment offer to your sample client, the client invite link will ask to complete payment before you can redeem the client account. To avoid this, remove the payment offer from the sample client’s profile.

To view the app as the client , download “Superset App for Clients” on iOS or Android.

Once downloaded, log in with your test email address to preview the native app client experience.

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Updated on: 12/03/2024

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