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Client transaction fees


Credit card fees can be pushed to clients, increasing coach take home pay by ~3%.
Payments through Superset now include a 4% platform fee ($9 max cap). See below for other currency details.
Fees can either be absorbed or pushed to clients depending on your plan.
On Base or Founding coach plans, credit card fees are pushed to the client and platform fees are absorbed by the coach, by default.
On Pro coach plans, credit card fees and platform fees are pushed to the client, by default.


How do the fees apply?

Depending on your plan type, you'll see the following default settings...

Base or Founding plan coaches, by default, will have credit card fees pushed to clients and platform fees absorbed by the coach.

Pro plan coaches, by default, will have both credit card fees and platform fees pushed to clients. On Pro plans, coaches can change their settings and either (1) absorb fees or (2) push fees to clients. Coaches can manage their payment settings here

Is there a cap on the platform fee?

Yes! The 4% platform fee has a $9 maximum cap meaning the fee will never exceed $9. See table below to reference the cap in other currencies...

CurrencyMaximum cap amount

Note: Conversion rates are subject to change and amounts may differ

Does this come out of my earnings?

No. If you push fees to your clients this will increase your take-home pay by about 3%. Coaches on our Base or Founding coach plan will absorb the 4% platform fee but will avoid the credit card fee as it is pushed to the client by default. Both fees end up being nominal (see table breakdown below).

How will the fees impact client payments?

Below is a breakdown of fees based on different offer amounts…

Offer amountCredit card fee (estimated)Platform feeTransaction total

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Updated on: 26/06/2024

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