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How do I add more forms to my account?

About forms

Currently, you have access to three forms inside of Superset: an application, onboarding, and check-in forms.
To customize your question sets, go to your forms dashboard and select which form you would like to edit. Full customization is only available on paid accounts.

How to add other forms

To add other forms like liability waivers, PAR-Q, and more, you can attach them as documents in your client’s invite email, or you can add them as links within your client’s content section.

To attach forms to your client’s invite email, go to your clients dashboard. Select “Add client” on the right-hand side and go through steps 1 + 2 of entering their details. When you get to the last step, select “add attachment” at the bottom and attach your new form. It will be sent via email to your client.
To link forms inside your client’s content section, go to your clients dashboard. Select your client. Under the “Content” section, select “Edit content”. Select “+ Add more content”. Add the link and name of your new form. Click “Save content”.

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Updated on: 16/01/2024

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