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How to add workout notes

How to add workout notes

Once you assign a program template to a client, editing the program template won’t update the client’s assigned program. To edit a program assigned to a client, go to their client detail page under “Clients” and tap the three-dot menu to edit the program directly.

How to add workout notes

From coach home, tap “Programs” on the left-side menu and click “Add program.”
Create a workout program by entering exercises, sets, reps, and weight.
Under the workout, where it says “Type to add workout note,” enter the note you’d like to add.
Once you’ve finished programming, tap “Assign” to assign it to a client.
Clients will be able to view your workout notes from the iOS and Android client apps.

Note: If you want to add workout notes to an existing program that has already been assigned to a client, go to their profile from the clients tab and edit the program in their client profile.

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Updated on: 30/11/2023

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