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How to Collect and Qualify Client Leads

How to collect and qualify client leads

Superset provides a customizable "apply for 1:1 coaching form" out of the box for every coach account. Below is a short video and step by step tutorial.

To collect leads on Superset, follow the steps below.

In the coach dashboard, find the “Leads” tab on the left-hand side.
To preview the default form, click “Copy link” on the upper right-hand side, and open it in a new tab, or text the link to yourself to see a preview on your mobile device.
Pro-tip: we recommend customizing the questions you ask potential leads since this is an important "qualifying" step in your funnel. To do this, click into your Application form or watch this video walkthrough for a quick walkthrough.
When you're ready, copy and paste your application form link to where ever your customers interact with you the most: your existing website, IG bio, IG stories, emails, and texts (to name a few). Remember to be consistent in sharing and promoting!
Once a lead fills out your application form, their information will be collected under the “Leads” tab on the coach dashboard. Convert your leads to clients or mark them as qualified.

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Updated on: 28/11/2023

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