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How to set up automated check-ins

How to set up automated check-ins

To set up automated check-ins, follow the steps below:

Go to your Clients dashboard and click on the client’s profile
Click the "Check-ins" sub-nav link or scroll down to "Check-ins" and select “Create check-in”
Select how often your client will receive the check-in form by choosing either “recurring” or “one-time”
If recurring, select the “day” and “type” (bi-weekly or weekly) you’d like the form to be sent
Select or deselect questions you'd like to include in the check-in.
Select “Preview” to view the form as a client and “Create” to save it.
The check-in status will appear as "upcoming" until it is sent to the client. Once the check-in has sent to the client, the status will change to "pending" until it is completed.

Note: Your check-in form question set can be fully customized in your form library.

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Updated on: 12/03/2024

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