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How to View Client Exercise History

How to use client exercise history

The Superset app for clients is currently available on Apple and Android. This article covers how clients can see their exercise history within the workout player in the mobile app.

How to use client exercise history

Log in to the iOS or Android client app using a coach invite link.
Click on your workout program (Don’t have one? Ask your coach to create one in Superset Sheets.
Tap into a workout and click the video or notes icon.
Select “History” and scroll to view your history for that exercise.
That’s it!

Having trouble logging in? Reset your password with the link provided, or go here to view instructions for resetting your password.


What if my client can’t log in?

On your coach dashboard, navigate to the client and identify what email they used to sign up for coaching with you. Ensure they’re using that email to log into the app.

If your client is still having issues logging in, tell them to go here to view instructions for resetting their password.

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Updated on: 20/12/2023

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